Launch of WISE attracted full house at EnergyWeek in Vaasa

Our WISE – Wide and Intelligent Sustainable Energy ecosystem was officially launched during EnergyWeek in Vaasa on 14 March. The purpose of the event was to shed some light on the project, how the ecosystem will be built and how potential partners can be part of the ecosystem.

During the launch Markus Ljungkvis, Vice President of Energy Services presented the aspiring ambition of the project.

Energy transition is already underway, and WISE project will further accelerate this transition towards a fully decarbonised future.

Markus Ljungqvist, Vice President Energy Services

The event also hosted a fireside chat where Eleonor Hedström, Director at Next Business Lab invited companies to sign up to the WISE ecosystem “By joining the WISE ecosystem, you have the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders, research institutes, and innovative companies to drive the energy transition forward. Together, we can develop cutting-edge technologies for a decarbonised future.”

And the event showed how significant the interest towards this project is. Although arranged at the very last day, on the very last slot of EnergyWeek, the event attracted a full house. We were delighted to witness a diverse turnout at our launch event, with representatives  from academia, industry, and local media. The engagement and insightful questions we received regarding our autonomous plant program, future fuels program, the next business lab, and funding opportunities were encouraging.

New WISE website launched

The WISE project has gained up to speed and during the launch event the project team could proudly present the first version of the WISE website. The newly launched website is accessible through and is a platform where we can guide all interested stakeholders. The website is still under development but is already serving as a introduction to project and offers the opportunity for interested partners to join the ecosystem by signing up for the WISE newsletter.

Speeding up innovation

The Veturi programs are designed to facilitate collaboration among various stakeholders, bringing them together with a shared mission of driving co-innovation, co-research, and other projects. Companies participating in approved projects, supported by Business Finland, can recover a portion of their R&D investment made in these collaborative pojects.

Additionally, we will be establishing a space where companies can convene, find inspiration, and acquire knowledge on topics relevant to the ecosystem, such as hydrogen. Furthermore, we have made a commitment to strengthening our collaboration with small and medium-sized companies, leveraging Wärtsilä’s expertise in the energy sector to foster mutual growth and success.