Can energy be wise?

Yes, if the digital infrastructure supports it


Digital infrastructure


Build the underlying digital infrastructure that would make possible the lifecycle and digital products of tomorrow. We refer to this infrastructure as the Edge platform.

Impact on WISE mission:

Provide the digital enabler for multiple future Energy initiatives revolving around efficiency, decarbonisation and autonomy that require on-site capabilities.

  • Research and develop an integrated connectivity and analytic platform, enabling all business units to host digital services & offerings towards our customer base, e.g. Autonomous Balancing Power Plant, Energy Management & Optimization, Voyage Optimization, etc.

1st year: Collect & study business use cases, technical requirements and capabilities

2nd year: Develop all missing capabilities on top of a selected off-the-shelf Edge solutions

3rd year: Embed MLOps to support AI/ML onsite. Research & development transforming the Edge platform from a connectivity platform into an analytics platform

4th year: Edge-cloud continuum-based research

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