Can energy be wise?

Yes, if it´s created by autonomous power plants


Autonomous power plant

Research and development of technical capabilities that enable autonomous power plant operation

Enable autonomous operation in power plants through digital, automation and and engine technologies,

  • Cyber secure and reliable remote operation and monitoring 24/7
  • Research and development of generating set and auxiliary sub-systems for autonomous operation
  • Prognostic insights of a power plant by IoT data utilization and digital technologies



1st year: Research and feasibility study of generating set and auxiliary sub-systems for autonomous operation, development of core digital and connectivity solution


2nd and 3rd year: Technology development of key areas enabling autonomous operation; energy management, plant automation, generating set, auxiliaries, digital twins. Power systems stability research and testing.


4th year: Edge-cloud continuum-based research for on-site generating set and auxiliary fault prediction and prevention

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