Can energy be wise?

Yes, if it is supported by software and hardware


Power train optimization


Develop software and hardware solutions that can optimize and support the operation of complex powertrains and power plants and are available both off-line (Edge) and on-line (Cloud).

Impact on WISE mission:

Being able to optimize system and operation to achieve more significant emission reduction and to perform more efficient operation on site. Be at the forefront of technologies and digital solutions for the Marine and Energy segments.

  • To develop software and hardware solutions to support the operation of the powertrain and plant for optimal efficiency in terms of installation, commissioning, operability, maintenance, fuel consumption, environmental footprint and emissions

1st year: Concept development for the power train

2nd year: Digital Twin development for the power train

3rd year: Detailed alternative solution for the power train development

4th year: Implementation of the MVP of the concept and validation of the digital twin

5th year: Validation in laboratory and/or with customer

6th year: Industrialization of the product

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