Wide & Intelligent Sustainable Energy

Ecosystem that will shape the future of energy.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an extraordinary ecosystem that will shape the future of energy. Wärtsilä, a leading technology group, is spearheading a groundbreaking collaboration known as WISE – Wide & Intelligent Sustainable Energy. The collaboration is a Business Finland funded leading company concept.

Our primary objective is to bolster the Finnish energy sector and position it as a global frontrunner in energy innovation. By establishing a scalable ecosystem and introducing secure and autonomous zero-emission balancing power generation, we aim to make a significant impact on the global stage, driving the transition towards a fully decarbonized future.

Decarbonized energy sector is an inevitable future

At Wärtsilä, we are committed to offering flexible autonomous power plant concepts that can operate with 100 percent e-fuel, such as green hydrogen and its derivatives, by the end of 2028. We firmly believe that a decarbonized energy sector is an inevitable future, and the WISE initiative provides us with a unique opportunity to accelerate this transition. By harnessing industry expertise, research, and academic knowledge, we aspire to become the leading powerhouse driving the energy transition.

As part of the WISE project, we will develop an autonomously operated balancing power generation system within a renewable-based framework. Additionally, we will create new service models tailored to the revised operating environment. The key to our success lies in seamlessly integrating digital infrastructure, edge computing, energy management, and system optimization. Through careful evaluation of commercial and delivery considerations, along with exploring further technological options, we will develop viable business models that contribute to a sustainable future.

Work packages and opportunities

WISE targets to create awareness, facilitate match-making, identify gaps and initiate the preparation of new R&D projects through:


Autonomous power plant

Research and development of technical capabilities that enable autonomous power plant operation

Impact on WISE mission:
Enable autonomous operation in power plants through digital, automation and engine technologies.

  • Cyber secure and reliable remote operation and monitoring 24/7
  • Research and development of generating set and auxiliary sub-systems for
    autonomous operation
  • Prognostic insights of a power plant by IoT data utilization and digital technologies

1st year: Research and feasibility study of generating set and auxiliary sub-systems for autonomous operation, development of core digital and connectivity solution

2nd and 3rd year: Technology development of key areas enabling autonomous operation; energy management, plant automation, generating set, auxiliaries, digital twins. Power systems stability research and testing.

4th year: Edge-cloud continuum-based research for on-site generating set and auxiliary fault prediction and prevention


Clean energy production

Develop carbon neutral/e-fuel engine powerplant solutions

Impact on WISE mission:
Enable carbon neutral/e-fuel based power plants

  • Design safe green e-fuel powerplant concepts
  • Test and validate green e-fuel proof-of-concept demos
  • Integrate e-fuel production value chain and autonomous features.

1st year: Hydrogen concept,

2nd year: Hydrogen pilot,

3rd year: Ammonia and Fuel cell concept,

4th year: Ammonia and Fuel cell pilots


Power train optimization

Develop software and hardware solutions that can optimize and support the operation of complex powertrains and power plants and are available both off-line (Edge) and on-line (Cloud).

Impact on WISE mission:
Being able to optimize system and operation to achieve more significant emission reduction and to perform more efficient operation on site. Be at the forefront of technologies and digital solutions for the Marine and Energy segments.

  • To develop software and hardware solutions to support the operation of the
    powertrain and plant for optimal efficiency in terms of installation, commissioning,
    operability, maintenance, fuel consumption, environmental footprint and emissions

1st year: Concept development for the power train.

2nd year: Digital Twin development for the power train.

3rd year: Detailed alternative solution for the power train development

4th year: Implementation of the MVP of the concept and validation of the digital twin.

5th year: Validation in laboratory and/or with customer. 6th year Industrialisation of the product.

6th year: Industrialisation of the product.


Digital Infrastructure

Build the underlying digital infrastructure that would make possible the lifecycle and digital products of tomorrow. We refer to this infrastructure as the Edge platform.

Impact on WISE mission:
Provide the digital enabler for multiple future Energy initiatives revolving around efficiency, decarbonisation and autonomy that require on-site capabilities.

  • Research and develop an integrated connectivity and analytic platform, enabling
    all business units to host digital services & offerings towards our customer base,
    e.g. Autonomous Balancing Power Plant, Energy Management & Optimization,
    Voyage Optimization, etc.

1st year: Collect & study business use cases, technical requirements and capabilities

2nd year: Develop all missing capabilities on top of a selected off-the-shelf Edge solution

3rd year: Embed MLOps to support AI/ML onsite. Research & development transforming the Edge platform from a connectivity platform into an analytics platform

4th year: Edge-cloud continuum-based research


Data driven maintenance and new services

Research and develop new services utilizing technologies that understand and predict power plant equipment health and useful remaining lifetime.

Impact on WISE mission:
Enable autonomous operations by increasing predictability and reliability targeting zero forced outage.

  • Identify and fill the gaps in how we remotely monitor, analyze and operate installations
  • Enable autonomous operations through holistic power plant condition understanding
  • Enable predictive operation, performance and maintenance service ecosystem

1st year: Standardised critical monitoring points

2nd year: Automated diagnostics and real-time alerts

3rd year: Fault prediction and remaining useful lifetime

4th year: Autonomous operations pilot

Welcome to collaborate in the WISE ecosystem

WISE targets to create awareness, facilitate match-making, identify gaps and initiate the preparation of new R&D projects through:

Actively meeting with ecosystem members and creating new links between them

Arranging theme related workshops, ecosystem events and webinars

Co-operating and coordinating initiatives with other ecosystems e.g., other Business Finland Veturi ecosystems

By joining the WISE ecosystem, you will be added to the WISE newsletter send out. Via the newsletter you will hear the latest project news and get access to WISE organised events.

If you have an interesting idea for a project, you have the possibility to be invited to become ecosystem partner and apply for funding from Business Finland.

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