Can energy be WISE?

Yes it can, if it´s autonomous, zero-emission and driven by e-fuels

Ecosystem that will shape the future of energy.

WISE stands for Wide and Intelligent Sustainable Energy. It is a Business Finland-funded collaboration with the ambitious aim of developing zero-emission balancing power to help accelerate the move towards decarbonisation.

In the WISE ecosystem, we explore how the energy sector can be decarbonized through wisely generated balancing power. The ecosystem is led by Wärtsilä, a leading technology group.

Let´s decarbonise the energy sector wisely



Decarbonisation is inevitable. The question is only when and how it will happen. The energy landscape is in transition towards more flexible and sustainable energy systems, and at Wärtsilä, we envision a 100% renewable energy future.

Within the WISE ecosystem we want to lead the transition towards a decarbonised world by combining expertise, research and academic knowledge from the whole ecosystem of players. This ecosystem will develop viable business models that contribute to a sustainable future.

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Have a look at the WISE Power point presentation

Welcome to collaborate in the WISE ecosystem

WISE targets to create awareness, facilitate match-making, identify gaps and initiate the preparation of new R&D projects through:

Actively meeting with ecosystem members and creating new links between them

Arranging theme related workshops, ecosystem events and webinars

Co-operating and coordinating initiatives with other ecosystems e.g., other Business Finland Veturi ecosystems

By joining the WISE ecosystem, you will be added to the WISE newsletter send out. Via the newsletter you will hear the latest project news and get access to WISE organised events.

If you have an interesting idea for a project, you have the possibility to be invited to become ecosystem partner and apply for funding from Business Finland.

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